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American persimmon (Diospyros virginiana)
Astringent GRAFTED.
Small 12 to 24 inches tall $30.00;
Medium 2 to 3 feet tall $35.00;
Large trees 3 to 5 feet tall $45.00;
Extra Large trees available this year 5 to 6 feet tall $55.00; X-Large sixes $65.00

  • Sold OutCelebrity - Crystal clear fruit nearly seedless with the texture of Kaki persimmon. Rated very high for disease resistance and very high for the quality of fruit. Closest to a kaki as you can get with the cold hardiness of Virginiana. Selected from the Jerry Lehman's crosses of Dollywood D128 X F58 male. Both are progeny of Miller and Early Golden. This tree comes from the Lehman breeding program.
    Shipped late fall and early spring. Royalty of $3.00 goes to breeding of cultivars.
    Sizes: Small and Medium sizes only.

  • Deer Candy - Upright growing tree, fruit is orange and large for an American persimmon, ripens well into late November. This tree does hold its fruit well and drops over a long period of time with some fruit remaining on the tree into December. Fruit is 2 inches average and is great because of the long production season farther south where extending the growing season matters. Deer will check this tree daily for dropped fruit. Royalty of $3.00 goes to breeding of new Cultivars.
    Field Grown and Container Grown. Sizes: S & M trees available
  • Early Jewel = H118 - Very early, large sized fruit, redish colored fruit, soft when ripe, very high quality, fruit precocious and a consistent producer, bears seedless fruit south of the Ohio River due to it being a 90 Chromosome persimmon. Out of the late James Claypool Breeding Program.
    Container Grown. Sizes available: M & L trees available
  • Sold OutBarbra’s Blush = WS8-10- A long with Celebrity these 2 trees would produce all the persimmons needed in a number of years healthy, very productive and has an even lateral limb structure that will support the large load of the very large 2.25 to 2.50-inch fruit.  Container grown Small and Medium Sizes available; Royalty of $3.00 goes to breeding of new Cultivars

  • Wonderful – Late ripening from October to November, the largest fruit to come out of the England’s selection of new cultivars for production and taste. Very large fruit, progeny of Yates/Juhl X F-100 male, tree of medium size with spreading growth habits. It would be good for wildlife food source late in the fall or for a late ripening cultivar to add to any collection for pulp production. Small and Medium Size available

  • Deer Magnet – Very late to ripen fruit hangs on the trees in to early winter Very vigorous grower once established and is known to be the number one tree in the Lehman’s Orchard most visited for Food in the winter time by the wild life but please do not get us wrong this is a very good tasting persimmon for human food value as well if you have ever eaten a persimmon popsicle then you will know what we mean because it is a delight to still find persimmons on the tree in to the month of December.   Container grown Small and Medium Sizes available; Royalty of $3.00 goes to breeding of new Cultivars
  • Sold Out100-46 - Lehman's Delight From the Breeding work of Jerry Lehman of Terra Haute Indiana, one of his newest creations. Very large fruit, smooth flesh, clear pulp, and made to be loved. While not a large tree it is one of the heaviest producing persimmon I have ever witnessed. With very good flavor and smooth flesh, this fruit is all about taste. Royalty of $3.00 goes to breeding of new Cultivars.
    Container grown S, M, sizes available
  • Sold OutProk - Persimmon was a seedling from Cornell University breeding program grown out by John Gordon of Amherst NY. Produces very large fruit, ripens in late August here in Kentucky, has few seeds. It is my favorite persimmon for cooking and eating out of hand. Ripens long before frost.
    Container grown S, M sizes available
Other cultivars are on hand, but are few in number.

Asian Persimmon Hybrid (Diospyros Virginiana X Kaki) - These very fine persimmons have been tested and selected for many years. They have been selected over many others for their taste, size and cold hardiness. Small $30.00, Medium $40.00, Large $50.00, (X Large $60 and up (for pick up only)), Zone 5b and UP. S, M, L, XL, XXL Sizes available. Can ship up to 84 inches tall

  • Sold OutKasandra - A Hybrid of Great Wall crossed by an F2 Male of Rosseyanka Hybrid back crossed to Virginiana. Tested cold hardy to - 16 degrees with no evidence of freeze damage. It is a large fruit measuring about 2.50 to 2.75 inches and is delicious when ripe. Hybridized by David Lavergne, has a Brix test of 21 and ripens mid-season. Luscious bright green foliage looks like a true Kaki.
    Container grown prices as follows Small $35.00, Medium $45.00, Sizes available  

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  • Kasandra Persimmon
    Kasandra Persimmon

  • Zima khurma =NB-02 Persimmon bred out of Nikitskaya Bordovaya, cold hardy and good producer of orange medium to large size fruit that ripens Late-season on a semi-vigorous tree. Has low spreading growth habit and is a beautiful specimen in the fall. Trees are very cold hardy tested down to minus -16.4 F for a long time. This cultivar was bred in Japan and brought to America by Jerry Lehman of Terre Haute, Indiana.  SMALL $35.00, Medium $45.00, Zone 5b to ZONE 8 / tested to -16 Degree F.

  • David’s Kandy Korn - Hybrid Kuro Kaki X (Hybrid Male = Rosseyanka X OP D. Virginiana) about 50/50 Kaki X Virginiana; Bred by the late David J. Lavergne hybridized in the spring of 2011. We at England's germinated the seed, grew it out for one year and then planted it in our persimmon planting for trials in our area. It was tested for cold hardiness during the Polar Vortex of 2014-15 winter. This tree had no winter injury and gave fruit the following year.  Medium size $50.00 not tested in ZONE 5 and cannot be held responsible for extreme cold weather events and has tested cold hardy here.

  • Rosseyanka Hybrid - Persimmon of exceptional quality and the large size which in near a 3 inch persimmon that ripens late and is very delicious we have been growing this selection for Approx. 20 year or so and We have never been disappointed with the crops of Luscious fruit that looks like Orange Orbs when the tree looses the leaves and the fruit remains on the trees. Reminiscent of Dio. Virginiana our native persimmons but Suitable for Zone 5 and very hardy down to about -18 degrees it is one of our favorites here our orchards. Trees sizes and prices, Medium $35.00 and Large $45.00

  • Nikitskaya Bordovaya – While this cultivar is thought to a seedling of Rosseyanka which we cannot substantiate but we do know that the fruit is larger and sweeter and more like Kaki / Asian Persimmons without the problem that Kaki has. While it is only a small amount cold hardier that pure Kaki but in most area of the USA that is all it takes to beat the winters that we have here and this one has not frozen back in the history that we have had it planted in our orchards in Kentucky, suitable for Zone 6a and up / sizes Medium $35.00 and large $45.00


Sold Out Mikkusu kaki Hybrid = JT-02 - A true 50/50 hybrid of Josephine V. X Taishu Kaki. Bred in Japan, imported by Jerry Lehman in 2006 and grown in several locations in the USA. Medium to large fruit, square-ish shape, is an astringent type till soft when it's a mouthwatering tasty 2.5 to 3.0-inch fruit. Smallish tree, not vigorous at all, is precocious and has spreading growth habits. It must be staked to support fruit load as it is a very heavy producer. Very cold hardy, has never had any freeze damage or cold injury.
Field Grown trees // Sizes S, M, L. Zone 5b and Zone 8 / tested to -16 Degrees F.

  • Click here to enlarge picture.
    Mikkusu Kaki Hybrid Persimmon
    Mikkusu Kaki
    Hybrid Persimmon


David's Kandy Persimmon
David's Kandy - an Original Hybrid Persimmon
Coming in Fall 2018
A Complex Hybrid - Adaptable in Zone 5
Precocious -- Gorgeous!     A Great Ornamental!

David's Kandy Attracts Deer BUT is Too Tall for Deer to Reach Fruit
Click HERE for details about David's Kandy and pictures of this tree and its fruit.
To be notified when David's Kandy is available, write to nuttrees@prtcnet.org.

Asian Persimmon - Diospyros Kaki - These 2 very fine persimmons have been tested. Selected for many years over many others, primarily for their cold hardiness, they have been tested down to minus -16 for the last 2 years. Their taste, size and productivity are excellent.

Sold OutChinebuli - NON-Astringent Asian Persimmon, which comes to us from Bulgaria. It is sweet crunchy when hard and a medium size fruit that ripens mid-season. It has had only minor freeze damage while we have grown this cultivar here for the past 8 years during one of the coldest winters we have ever experienced (the Polar express) with temps dipping into the mid-teens. There was tip burn but this tree took it in stride and produced the next spring. It is a smallish growing tree with beautiful foliage. Field Grown trees // Sizes: Small $35.00, Medium $45.00, Large $55.00 Zone 6 and up 8 / tested to -16 Degrees F. Quantities limited

Picudo from Italy - This tree is also know as Costata. A tree of great vigor, regularly fertile and very productive. Its very decorative foliage is a beautiful bright red color in autumn and accompanies fruiting. Its cold hardiness is high. Fruit mid-season, early flowering, good size, conical and ribbed, it is a beautiful yellow-orange. The skin is thin, light and creamy flesh is soft, tasty and pleasant, the taste is good, their ability to dry is good. The fruit are of an astringent type. Large $55.00 / Zone 7 to 8 and up/ Tree is hardy here in Zone 6a in most winters, temps of minus 8 to 10 cause damage to smaller limbs / TREE TUBES RECOMMENDED

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