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American persimmon (Diospyros virginiana)
Astringent GRAFTED.
Small 12 to 24 inches tall $25.00: Medium 2 to 3 feet tall $35.00:
Large trees 3 to 5 feet tall $45.00.

  • Prok - Persimmon was a seedling From Cornell University breeding program grown out by John Gordon of Amherst NY. Produces very large fruit, ripens in August here in Kentucky, has few seed. It is my Favorite persimmon for cooking and eating out of hand. Ripens long before frost.
    Container Grown
    Prok Persimmon
    Prok Persimmon
  • Contessa - Well studied and documented cultivar of Indiana origin, this cultivar is an open pollinated seedling of Knightsville. Large Fruited and so very tasty, from observation this will make a large tree but does produce very heavy crops of sweet delicious persimmons. Would be an excellent tree for pulp production, ripens mid-season.
    Field Grown
  • H-120 - Large fruited tree breed by James Claypool of the Claypool persimmon breeding program. A very desirable fruit, excellent color with a roundish canopy, a heavy producer, and very precocious. Taste far exceeds expectation. Container Grown
    H-120 Persimmon in front
    H-120 Persimmon (front)
    2 Proks (rear)
  • 100-46 - From the breeding work of Jerry Lehman of Terra Haute, Indiana one of his newest creations. Very large fruit, smooth flesh, clear pulp and made to be loved. While not a large tree it is one of the heaviest producing persimmon I have ever witnessed. Very good flavor and smooth flesh. This one is all about taste.
    Container Grown
  • Deer Magnet - A late ripening cultivar, so named because deer love this variety of Persimmon. It is known that the deer will always eat the best first. During late fall to early winter, this Persimmon tree is a fruit bearing magnet for wild life. It is a great tasting persimmon and is a must for the hunter that has deer in mind for that trophy rack.
    Container Grown
  • 100-42 - Large fruit, great tasting and similar to 100-46. Deep orange flesh and has a scaffolding type limb growth that bares the weight of heavy loads of persimmon. It is among the best persimmon I have ever consumed.
    Container Grown
  • Early Jewel (H-118) - Very Early, Large fruit, Reddish color fruit, Soft when ripe, very high quality fruit. Precocious and a consistent producer, bears seedless fruit south of the Ohio River due to it being a 90 Chromosome persimmon. Out of the Late James Claypool Breeding program.
    Container Grown   Small Only
  • Lena / Mitchellena Persimmon - Large fruit, very good flavor, prolific and precocious, ripens early , dark orange to red flesh , eye candy. Taste is just that very "Persimmon'y" flavor that tells you that you want more.
    Container Grown
  • Celebrity - Crystal clear fruit, nearly seedless with the texture of Kaki persimmon. Rated very high for disease resistance and very high for the quality of fruit. Closest to a kaki as you can get with the cold hardiness of Virginiana. Selected from Jerry Lehman's crosses of Dollywood D128 X F58 male. Both are prodigies of Miller and Early Golden. This fruit is produced from the Lehman breeding program.
    Container Grown

Asian Persimmon (Diospyros kaki) - These very fine persimmon have been tested and selected for many years. They have been selected over many others for their taste, size and cold hardiness.

Click HERE for KOREAN Language Version of Asian Persimmon

  • Tae Bong Shi - Korean cultivar that has deep orange flesh and is very firm when ripe so it is named "the Hard Boy Friend." This fruit is primarily used in the process of drying persimmons known to be from the famous region of Korea that is famed for drying and curing of dried persimmon. High in sugar content and very appealing because you can freeze and store it, and then thaw at the time of consumption.
    Containerized - PRICE $35.00

Other cultivars included are Honan Red, Giboshi, Ama-Yotsumizo, and Gionbo.
Grown in small quantities and shipped in containers.

Other Premium Korean Cultivars

  • Huk Kam - Korean cultivar meaning Black / blue Persimmon comes to us from Korea. It is a medium sized fruit for a Kaki and is somewhat a Pollen Variant, but should be known as an astringent type. Fruit has Orange flesh, Ripe when soft.
    Shipped in containers. Zone 6 or Higher / Priced at $50.00 Each
    Click here to enlarge pictures.
    Black Kaki Persimmon
    Black Kaki
    Bluek Kaki Persimmon
    Blue Kaki

Other Premium Korean Cultivars of Persimmons are

  • Ko Jong Si, FAU FAU - A well-known French cultivar.
    Shipped in containers. Zone 6 or Higher / Priced at $50.00 Each

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