David's Kandy Persimmon Trees and Fruit

David's Kandy Persimmon Tree
David's Kandy Hybrid Persimmon Tree
David's Kandy Persimmons
David's Kandy Persimmons

Original Hybrid
Kuro Kaki X (Hybrid Male = Rosseyanka X OP D. Virginiana) about 50/50 Kaki X Virginiana

The late David J. Lavergne hybridized the seed in 2011. We at England's germinated the seed, grew it out for one year and then planted it in our persimmon planting for trials in our area. It was tested for cold hardiness during the Polar Vortex of 2014-15 winter. This tree had no winter injury and gave fruit the following year.

This tree is precocious and bears lots of fruit that is too high for the deer to reach. It makes a great ornamental too!

Send email to England's nursery at nuttrees@prtcnet.org with the subject, "David's Kandy", to be notified when this tree is available for sale.

Note: in 2 to 3 years David's Kandy will be known as "Kandy Corn". It is with respect for David Lavergne that it is now being called David's Kandy.

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