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Pawpaw: Known as the woods banana, medium to large fruit. Pawpaw is North America's largest native fruit. Sweet with tropical flavors and seeded with few medium to large seed. Small 1 to 2 feet tall $25.00 / Medium 2 to 3 feet tall $35.00 / Large 3 to 5 feet tall $45.00 GRAFTED, Zone 5-9 Grown in Containers and field grown

Halvin - Pawpaw found by Tyler and Danae Halvin in Iowa. Fruit is 8 to 14 ounces. Great flavor (Very Sweet, No after taste), has a hint of pineapple flavor. Original tree was growing as an under store tree and was approximately 40 feet tall. Stated to be the largest native pawpaw fruit to be found in southwestern Iowa, not far from Bedford, IA.

Halvin Pawpaw
Halvin Pawpaw

Summer Delight - Just an average size pawpaw of 8 to 12 ounces that absolutely tastes delicious, has a yellow tinted shin that is thick, and ships and stores well. The remarkable thing about this Pawpaw is that it ripens in the last week of July to the first week of August. Here in Kentucky, of all the cultivars we have, it is the first to ripen. It is not precocious and takes 4 to 5 years to come into production, but it is well worth the wait. In most years the fruit is on the ground long before you expect it to be. Summer Delight has a smooth textured flesh, few seeds, and a melon after taste.

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Summer Delight<br> pawpaw tree
Summer Delight Tree
Summer Delight pawpaws<br> on tree
Summer Delight
Pawpaws on Tree
Summer Delight<br> pawpaw fruit
Summer Delight
Pawpaw Fruit
Summer Delight<br> measured
Summer Delight

Kentucky Champion ™ - is the "Big Daddy" of the Pawpaw Forest. This tree is remarkably resilient. Responds well to grafting. It's a good candidate for climates that are challenged for growing-degree-days (like southern England and northern Europe). The champion tree is the earliest bearing cultivar of all commercially available pawpaw trees. Fruits ripen between 2,483 and 2,845 standard growing degree days. They are large and tasty averaging about 230 grams. The seed-to-pulp ratio is good (about 8.3%). The skin is attractive and durable; it resists dark spots, bruising and other discoloration. The pulp is firm and golden-orange in color with a melon-orange flavor and pleasant lingering aftertaste. It's sweet with a subtle tartness that's been likened to pineapple or raspberry. The tree appears to be self-fertile.
$3.00 royalties fee per tree

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Kentucky Champion pawpaw tree
28 ft. Kentucky Champion
Kentucky Championpawpaw tree in fall
Kentucky Champion
in Fall
Kentucky Champion pawpaw seed
The Seed
open Kentucky Champion pawpaw seed
Open Seed

Nyomi's Delicious - Original trees grown in Berea, Kentucky and is a local favorite of the neighborhood. Light yellow fruit with no after taste. Very heavy producer of 10 to 12 oz. pawpaw fruit that are 4 to 6 inches long. Hangs in cluster of 4's and 5's.

There are other pawpaw cultivars in so few numbers that it is not worth advertising. If you have a question or an interest in some of these cultivars please email or call us at 606-965-2228. The inventory is not yet complete. Therefore we may have additional trees.

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