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Commercial varieties that produce large size nuts. 3 to 5 feet tall.
All cultivars / varieties $17.00

Hazelnuts are cloned by layering and tissue culture.
Zone 5, Spring Shipping Only

  • Jefferson - Latest release with immunity to Eastern Filbert Blight Disease. Produces a heavy yield of large flavorful nuts that fill their shells well. Similar to the standard Barcelona variety, but with fewer blanks and with a low incidence of shriveled kernelss. A late bloomer. Pollinates best with Yamhill and Theta.
  • Yamhill - This latest OSU release is very productive. It is Eastern Filbert Blight immune and also produces early ripening, very tasty nuts. It is a small tree. Pollinates with both Jefferson and Theta.
  • Theta - Blight immune release from OSU. Since Jefferson has a long bloom period and its female flowers are receptive late into spring, the male flowers of Theta will increase yields for Jefferson especially when used with other Jefferson pollinators such as Yamhill and Jefferson.



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