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Asian Pears
Sweet crunchy, full of flavor, long keeping pears that are very firm and juicy without a gritty texture.

Container grown, 4 to 5 Feet tall

  • Shin Li Asian Pear - is a very large, greenish-yellow, russet-ed Pear with sweet, aromatic, crisp, and juicy flesh. The fruit is prized for its wonderful, spicy flavor and is one of the best tasting varieties we have grown. Shin Li bears abundant crops which are ready for harvest in mid to late September.
    $23.50 Bareroot

  • Raja Asian Pear - This attractive, golden-brown Asian Pear is very sweet, richly flavored and simply, quite delicious. Very productive, disease-resistant, and hardy, Raja Asian Pear is a must-have variety for gardeners throughout the U.S. $23.50 Bareroot

  • Chojuro Asian Pear - Tree of the golden-brown Japanese variety. Reliable and very productive you will enjoy an abundant harvest of large and beautiful pears, which ripen in early to mid-September. $23.50 Bareroot

  • Korean Giant - Very large round, dark brown russet fruit weighs up to one pound. Excellent crisp flavor ,juicy flesh with high sugar content, very precocious. Ripens early October. Sizes: M

  • Late Korean (Okusankichi)- Pyrus pyrifolia sp. Large, round. Green to tan russeted, Thick skin keep very well. White, refreshing, firm, coarse, crisp and juicy flesh. Keeps well after picking. Flavor improves with storage. Ripens: Late October, 600 hours chilling.
    Cold hardy USDA Zone 5. Sizes: L

  • Hosui - Consistently rated the best-tasting Asian pear in America’s fruit tastings contest. Large, juicy, sweet, flavorful, refreshing, crisp like an apple. Brownish-orange russeted skinSizes: L

Many other Asian pear cultivars available. Please inquire for more information.

European and Hybrid Pears
Pears of the Old World well known in those parts but newly introduced in the USA.

  • Deveci Pear - From Turkey, a well-known pear sought after for years. It was a hidden secret of the owner and was found growing in a dense forest, unseen by passersby. This pear has a beautiful red blush and is round and squatty. It is similar to an Asian pear but with all the texture and full body of a European pear. This pear comes highly recommended from us and friends in Turkey. It is grafted on to OHxF87 semi-dwarf pear root stock.
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Deveci Pear
Deveci Pear
  • Turnbull - Large fruit with a crisp, juicy apple-like flavor. Long bloom period and most often misses the late spring frost, it is a hybrid cross of Asian pear with European pear. The fruit is excellent for fresh eating, hardy, fireblight resistant, and worthy of attention. It is vigorous growing and grafted on to OHxF87 semi-dwarf pear rootstock. Limited numbers on hand.
  • New World Pear Hybrid - Bartlett European pear x Korean Giant Asian pear. Pear develops a beautiful fawn colored skin. Fruit texture is fine grain without grit cells. Fruit is larger than Korean Giant and has a sweet crunchy texture that is reminiscent of a butterscotch flavor. Fruit shape is slightly oblong with a button at the flower end of fruit. Grafted on to OHxF87 Semi-Dwarfing pear root stock. Tree is fire blight resistant AND Self-pollinating here.

Many other pear cultivars available. Please inquire as to which ones.


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